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Distribution Policy

Subject to sufficient cash reserves, the Alternative Investment Trust (the Trust) intends to distribute 5% per annum of the Trust’s net asset value, paid in semi-annual instalments following the publication of the half and full year accounts, respectively. As at the end of the 2018 tax year, the fund has in excess of $400m in accumulated tax losses and in excess of $20m in accumulated capital losses. Under certain circumstances and provided relevant legislative conditions are satisfied, these losses may be able to be applied against future taxable income to reduce the amount of taxable income and therefore the amount of any income distribution. Unitholders may reinvest distributions by purchasing additional units though the Trust’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP or Plan). Participation in the Plan is optional and is open to all eligible unitholder. Further information is included in the published DRP.

2021/2022 Tax Year

2020/2021 Tax Year

2019/2020 Tax Year

DRP Rules

The DRP Rules are as per the attached: AIQ – Distribution Re-Investment Plan